Amazon likely to lose $50 for every Kindle Fire sold

Shawn Knight

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Amazon is likely to lose around $50 for every Kindle Fire tablet that the company sells. Piper Jaffray’s Gene Muster further believes that the Fire isn’t a true competitor to…

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Ah, so they have taken the console gaming approach... Well, if they have their own app store for revenue (on top of e-book sales), Amazon should be able to quickly recover more than that deficit from a good number of their customers. Over the long haul, it'll be a quantity numbers game, and Amazon has repeatedly proven it can win when it plays that way.


thats not what it said. They were talking about iPad when they talked about gaming.


"Amazon will leverage their assets to provide movies, music, books and storage on the Cloud in addition to traditional web browsing and gaming."

Nope right there they are talking about Amazon.


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Ok... so amazon looses out of selling their tablets, it has nothing to do with the content and things they sell for you to use on your tablet...


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I think this tablet may have a little trouble; with only 8GB of non expandable memory, it needs a good and frequent connection to the internet and wi fi is hardly universal everywhere...