Amazon Prime users can earn video credit by waiving two-day shipping


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Amazon appears to have expanded its no-rush shipping program for the holidays, allowing Prime users to earn more than just digital music credits. No-rush shipping allows Prime customers to waive their free two-day shipping for standard 5-7 day shipping in...

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I have prime account which has many perks and use it a lot but this offer not to use 2-day service on packages deliveries and use a long delay to get them just to make $3 bucks on video rentals. SD videos are $3.99 and HD videos are $4.99 to rent.

Last Friday I was making my order and was prompted by this offer and I rejected it! I wanted my order delivered either 2-days or next day which cost me an additional $3.99 per item. To get around that I remove all items and save for later then just select the one item I want for the next day.

Most of the time Amazon gets the order mixed up and issue me $3.99 credit. Most of the time I get items for 2-day in the next day.

Amazon Instant Video program is okay I stream all their videos to my SONY Network Media Players (SMP-N100 or SMP-N200) or SONY Blue Ray or Android Tablets or Android Smartphones or Windows Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks or Tablet.