Amazon strongly supports online sales tax, but with provisions


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Amazon has fought hard to dodge sales tax bullets fired by several states, including California, New York and Connecticut. The debate has been over whether or not such requirements jibe with…

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Assuming Sales tax is a viable way for the government to get money and realizing that online sales are overtaking local sales, it seems we need a new system. They could tax all cross state border sales at a set rate of say 5% and then distribute that back to the states based on percentage of sales. In other words, Amazon collects $1000 in cross border taxes and NY state purchased 25% of sales from Amazon so they would get $250 in revenue. This would make it easy for States and vendors to understand without a lot of other regulation.


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oh cool, so since amazon is in california, i will be paying shipping fee's based on two state taxes my state, and california?


Boooooo.... Hopefully will be other sites who pick up the slack and still don't charge sales tax. I Hate sales tax..I pay freaking taxes on my income and crap I buy locally...Can't get a break from the man anywhere it seems!!!! Hey how about instead of going after consumers go after the companies using offshore loopholes to pay no taxes and shipping all our jobs overseas! Freaking goverment is a joke.


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Johnny Utah said:
Terrific, so the state gets a hold of another 22 billion that they can mishandle and waste at our expense.
Exactly. Well.... they do have this new healthcare thing to pay for...

Know what I think is funny? There's another story on this website about an app that tracks your browsing history etc and there are 30 people who respond with their opinion about overbearing govt and CIA consperacies etc (it wasn't even a govt app)... Now here's a story about the govt, for real, sticking their hand in your pocket and hardly anyone is angry.

They must be the same people who protest the bad economy by blocking streets so people can't get to work.


We have been conditioned (brainwashed) for decades to accept buying by mail order/internet is an almost shady transaction and should be taxed.More dollars spent by the elites for their benefit alone.

Or, that the Politicos are royalty and the president is king--or that an extravagant defense budget is necessary to our survival--or that our government actually produces something other than misery- or that corporations are our benefactors, ad infinitum ad nauseum.

Don't like it? Write protest letters to Washingtons elite parasites, vote the bums out of office and try to get back our government by and for the people.