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Amazon will now allow skill developers to choose from a range of preset Alexa voices

By Polycount
May 16, 2018
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  1. Amazon has been rolling out quite a few quality-of-life changes for Alexa and Echo users lately.

    In March alone, the company rolled out the "Brief Mode" feature which converts Alexa's responses to simple beeps, and "Follow-Up Mode" which lets you chain multiple Echo commands together without needing to repeat your device's wake word.

    More recently, Amazon launched the "Remember This" feature for Alexa, essentially giving the virtual assistant a memory. With this feature, users can tell Alexa to remember a specific thing and recall that information at a later date.

    Now, Amazon is keeping up their hot streak of updates with yet another Alexa feature. Specifically, the company has released a developer preview that will let skill developers choose from a wider range of Alexa voices for use in their projects.

    Amazon is giving this choice to developers through their Polly text-to-speech service. Polly will let skill developers choose from eight different English voices and a wide variety of non-English voices.

    Polly's voices are far from perfect, of course, but as they see more use, that could change. Regardless of their quality, though, many users will likely appreciate the added diversity these voices could add to their favorite Alexa skills in the future.

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  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,839   +193

    This device has it moments you can use it in the car/suv still the need for it for those on Amazon prime members those who are not might run over to Cortana or Google Home code name Okay Google (works if the server works) Yes IOS has it's own talking assistant. I like Cortana over Okay Google. Just not sold on Echo Dot yet.. Still have a long way to go with these personal assistant for your smart devices in your home.
  3. psycros

    psycros TS Evangelist Posts: 2,381   +2,036

    If he had known that people would eventually invite Big Brother into their homes, Orwell wouldn't have even bothered.

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