Amazon's compact Echo Show 5 is more smartphone, less tablet

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Amazon on Wednesday announced a compact version of its Echo Show smart speaker featuring a smaller display and a sub-$90 price point.

The aptly-named Echo Show 5 packs a 5.5-inch display, an HD camera and a speaker to help you get the most out of Alexa. Its footprint is far smaller than that of the standard Echo Show, closer to a modern smartphone than a tablet.

Tom Taylor, senior vice president of Amazon Alexa, said the compact form factor is perfect for a bedside table or desk.

The Echo Show 5 also addresses recent privacy concerns related to smart speakers with the inclusion of a button that electronically disconnects both the microphone and camera. There’s also a built-in camera shutter that allows you to physically cover the camera yet still converse with Alexa and a visual indicator to show when audio or video is being sent to the cloud.

Amazon is additionally introducing new ways to delete recordings on all Alexa-enabled devices. Simply say, “Alexa, delete everything I said today,” and the deed will be done. Soon, you’ll also be able to have Alexa delete what you just said.

Amazon’s Echo Show 5 is available to pre-order from today in black or white color schemes for $89.99. Look for it to ship on June 26 in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, the US, the UK, Spain, Japan and New Zealand.

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But will Alexa report you, and does it remember that it was asked to forget something? It will still remember that it was asked to forget that it was asked to forget something...

...or will it?
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