AMD 64 3200+ wont cool down!

By james_k1988 · 57 replies
Oct 3, 2005
  1. peterdiva

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    Reboot and then check the temp,my board is a ULI,turn on computer temp is 77c,reboot temp is less than 30c.I thought it was just my board,but would be interested to know otherwise.
  2. james_k1988

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    yea ive restareted loadsa times m8, says the same every time. My Avient (com area as far as i kno) is always around 30C so i know theres cool air down there. Although processor always reads quite hot as u kno , although im sure its a sensor prob lol cause it still runs fine. But dont want it causeing long term damage.

    Thw thing thats gets me is how quickly it changes. Like i havew this IGI RCON program that can use a bit of cpu (its not ment 2 but my copy is corrupt) an i look at the cpu temp an its at 54C, i close it an in the blink of an eye its down to 48C lol

    But my plan is , im goin into glasgow on thursday . Gettin a new fan (with a copper bottom :) ) an hopefully sum artic heat sink (although dont think ill need it cause the fan comes with heatsink) an ill put that in. An also goover teh stuff chad said to make sure i do it right An if teh b'tard still says its 2 hot it can get to f'k lol cause im not really experianceing any problems with it, Sometimes my games have froze but i think thats cause of me grafix card drivers. Been havin probs with them lol

    Ill update hopefully on thu night lads, wish me luck :wave:
  3. sebastep

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    I wonder if this could be a problem with the mobo...
    After you get the proper thermal grease and the new cooler, if the problem persists you shold test the processor on a different mobo (maybe the sensors are fu**ed up on this one)

    Ah, and maybe you should buy some Isopropyl alcohol to clean the processor - dunno if that whiskey is healthy for it :haha:
  4. james_k1988

    james_k1988 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 163

    unfortinately i dont have anotehr mobo to test it on lol and whiskeys healthy for everythin :stickout: lol but ill get the right stuff if i can find it m8
  5. tarun123v

    tarun123v TS Rookie

    SpeedFan Unable to Detect My MotherBoard

    I am not able to see temprature of my AMD(3400+ Anthlon) processor
    and it is not able to detect my Motherboard(ATI RS480M2-IL)
  6. james_k1988

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    Try using a diff program. like Everest

    Yea neways i went in2 town. Turns out theres only one com store in glasgow town centre, rest are outside it an i dont kno my way around that area. The shop only had a HSF identical to mine so i obviously never got it. But i did manage to get some new paste. I thought it was artic silver when i bought it but turns out its something called Akasa silver AK-450 . Cost the samew as artic would so i jus got it. its stats are

    Thermal Conductivity : 9.2428 W/m.C
    Operating Temperature : 0-200C

    So i put this stuff on. (I cleaned the HSF an CPU with Nail Polish remover this time ;) ) Personally i think i put to little on, wos only more or less a dab but everyone says its jus a drtop so i went with it. I made sure everything was tight an set it back up.Not any better unfortinately :confused:

    Only difference i noticed to be honest is that instead of sitting in idle at 45C most of the time ( this is with cool an quiet turned on an it dropping down to 990mhz) its at 46C lol but thats not really a difference.

    Would it be worth redoing it an adding a dab more paste?

    Oh and one thing, ive never monitered CPU temp liek this before so i dont know. ill use mine as a example. If its sitting at say 45C , an i play a game. It almost immediantly jumps up to around 57. And the second i close that game, back down to bout 47 (then once cool an quiet kicks back in at 990mhz goes to around 45). Would that be accurate? didnt think it could heat up or cool down that fast lol

    cause im still thinking its a sensor fault, Apparently MSI boards are common for this :eek:

    I did notice that the HSF's base seemed strange. Take a look at this, i took it with a crappy camera so sorry about the quality.

    If you cant make it out, my best description would be that its pretty dark and marked on the inside. and gets lighter an lighters as it goes out. Might be able to make it out better if you invert it (paint, CTRL + I)

    I think this is from me taking it off and cleaning it as much. But thought id tell u guys icnase it wos important :p
  7. peterdiva

    peterdiva TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,088

    You did cover the whole CPU with a thin layer I hope.Also that colour isn't a purpley-pinkish mix is it.
  8. james_k1988

    james_k1988 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 163

    no i never (an no its not pink. Jus blackish). According to the instructions on the artic silver site i was only to put a dab on, an that the HSF would spread it out. Wos only to spread it out on the other athlon processors, like jus the small square in teh middle. Remember the AMD 64 is all metal at the top lol :rolleyes:
  9. peterdiva

    peterdiva TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,088

    Not the way that I would do it,wouldn't be happy unless I new the whole CPU was covered.Anyway it doesn't matter because you didn't buy arctic silver,you bought akasa silver(
    I would also try and clean the base of the heatsink as well,only do this only if your comfortable with it.
    Get a sheet of that very fine wet/dry black sandpaper,place it on a hard flat surface and holding the heatsink flat and with pressure give it only enough of a sand to get a clean metal finish.
  10. james_k1988

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  11. james_k1988

    james_k1988 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 163

    Sorry, my bad. Its was refering to the sempron when it said socket 754. It should fit in 939 just fine. Im gonna buy this cooler and see how it goes from there, ill keep u updated ;)
  12. james_k1988

    james_k1988 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 163


    Right i got that fan i metnion 2 threads ago. An i hav fu*ed it up lol. Right to start with i used the paste it came with. Now this stuff is crap (well lookin at it) Its a really THICK goo. if you ate this stuff youd hav to chew it (although u wouldnt but uno wot i mean) As oppose to the normal watery type stuff

    Now i arsed it an done teh same technique with artic silver on this. I tried the rubbing it into the bottom of the HSF an then cleaning it off (remember the bottom of this hsf is jus a square copper plate) Was it hell comeing off. Ive been rubbing for ages an now its jus a big mark.

    Now accordin 2 teh instructions youd to apply a thin layer of this stuff to the cpu. That would be sum tricky work, since tis so thick it dont spread easily at all. I attempted it an realised it jus wosnt gonna happen so i tried 2 clean it off. Wosnt really happening and again left a mark. I added a dab of this stuff liek u do with normal Thermal paste and put the hsf on (which wos a pain lol quite a big thing) I went an checked me cpu temp in teh bios . it was 60 an riseing, every second it would go up 1C so i turned it off an tried again

    I cleaned the hsf a bit more, still a mark but its a bit better, an manged to get all visible marks of the stuff off teh cpu (used Nail polish remover for em both) .I jus put a dab of my akasa stuff on the cpu an put on the hsf. Its helped but now its sitting at 47C on idle (was 45 before) . I know i have done something wrong, can someone plase help me out :(

    here is the fan
    I shall continue to scan the website for any info on this subject. It says there is online instructions but i cant seem to find it :blush:

    The name of the paste is Artic cooling MX-1
  13. toffeapple

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    hmmm this is a tricky one..I would get some chilled water( the addition of ice cubes should help this) and pour it directly on to the processor while the pc is booting up...this should completely destory you whole machine..thus leaving you with more time to spend down the pub.
  14. peterdiva

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    This is straight off the website link you gave.
    Thermal Compound
    We ship our coolers with the ARCTIC MX-1 thermal compound. This compound hardens during the first 200h while the performance improves steadily. With heating up the paste / heatsink the process can be shortened. The performance is even from the beginning good enough to cool your CPU reliable
    The website instructions say not to spread the paste out,so maybe your paste is old and gone hard.
    According to the akasa website instructions,the akasa paste has to be spread out,did you receive a spreader card with it.Also it says nothing about rubbing it into the heatsink,just to make sure the cpu and heatsink are perfectly clean.
    If you can get the temp stable,it jumping around means you've got hotspots,I would give up and put it down to the sensor being faulty.I suppose it could be the CPU,but I haven't heard of it before.
  15. james_k1988

    james_k1988 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 163

    well according to the insturctions i got with the fan it says to spread it out. But this stuff will no way spread out. Not without a bulldozer lol And to be honest im not surprised about hotspots. The copper plate (from a side view) didnt look completely flat on the cpu. I made sure it was tight though. I will of course be redoing it so i will do it all right. I;m in the process of downloading the instruction online and seeing what they say. Might get some better luck. And again teh instructions that came with the akasa said nothing about spreading! wish these nuggets would get there facts right lol But fair enough ill giv the Stuff i got with the fan anotehr try. Gonna study as much as i can an do it as best as i can.I dont think ill manage to get ALL that black stuff off the bottom of the hsf though. And it cant really be that bad for it cause if i had done it right, the bottom of the hsf would still get some of that stuff on it. Ill pull out all me alcohol an giv it a good goin at :haha:

    Just read the instructions and cant believe what it says compared to mine. Its all identical except for the bit about spreading (the bass) Mine says exactly

    Afterwards a thin film of the provided paste should be applied evenly over the cpu

    .. :suspiciou
  16. james_k1988

    james_k1988 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 163

    right i installed it Using the mad paste lol its now the way it was. At around 47C an jumpin up as soon as i do sumfin.If i even shake a window aroudn the screen it jumps up to 54C(according to everest neways). Although I found out what was making it loose an fixed that, its now on solid. I dont know if i used enough paste, Theres about the size of a small BB on ther (which is lower than recommended i think, If so only by a bit) ,an i cleaned the Hsf and cpu off before i done it.Got it cleaner than before lol. I'm going to leave it as it is for now, Hopeing that performance compound will kick in. Cause im sick to death trying to fix this thing. Jus put a HSF on tahts ment to drop it by 15C an its not budged. Its actaully risen a fraction. I'll let you all know how it goes after a few days

    Oh and up to now, and for any more that i might need :p Thank you very much everyone for all your help so far. I know its dragged on a bit, but thats just because i'm really wanting this fixed.(And i know its been spelling mistakes galore with me long messages lol)But I've learned quite alot thanks to the information i got here, cheers guys :angel:

    ill report back in a few days once this has settled in :knock:
  17. dmce

    dmce TS Rookie

    Hey mate, how you doing. Searching for an answer to a similar problem myself. Exact same board with a 3000+ Venice cpu. My temp is about 48^oC idle and jumps to 60^oC on a prime95 test. My heatsink fan spins a lot slower than yours. I have tried the 3.50 and 3.80 bios and double checked the cpu temp in everest and still high. So for me its either the heatsink(refitted 3 times using arctic cleanig solution and silver 5 paste) or the board reporting it wrong. It certainly seem warm and the heatsink on full load is particularly warn to touch.

    If i get any further i will post.

    In Paisley myself :)
  18. james_k1988

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    lol tahts the exact sam temps im getting now m8. Had to go through hell to get it down to 45 at idle. But now its back to 48 idle. Although my cpu or heatsink isnt warm to touch at all to be honest :confused: But it might just be a mobo failure. Sure seems like a weird coincidence eh :stickout: i even bought a new HSF an its avtaully got worse, with a HSF thats ment to make it 15C lower lol. If it dont improve im gonna put my akasa paste back on an hope it goes back down to 45. Then it can fk'in stay there lol been to worried about this thing. Its actaully been in the back of my head when ive been out an about lol. Think ill get a bigger case,Redo the paste an jus leave the thing. Got some other problem with the com that ill be able to look at now. Although ill keep you updated casue supposidly this paste is ment to get better over 8 days :stickout:
  19. skip69

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  20. james_k1988

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    Hey m8. Yea i know water coolin systems are probably teh ebst. But unfortinately i dont hav £300 to buy one lol there quite priey. If i could get this down to 35C id be happy. which im sure its at tbh. But ive already said about that lol :p
  21. james_k1988

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    Right guys, i'm baccckkk. And more problematic as ever :dead:

    Right its been a while now and still no luck. Its been flying up to 65C lately . Although i think i found the problem!!! Inside the case there aint much room for the HSF as it faces sideways,Right onto my graphics card's backplate. Which has heat going from it, riseing and the fan will be blowing that on the CPU. But its hard to explain so i took pictures for ya :blush: I apologise for the quality, i know its bad but its the best i could get. Heres the first

    tahts the basic outlook of the inside of the case. As you can see the gcard isnt far of the HSF. Heres a closer look

    Again i know its poor quality but if you can make it out, the silver bit is the backplate for the graphics card. The HSF only points 2 ways on my board, Up or down (currently down.) I tried to aim it up so it could inhale fresh air but no luck, it wont fit because of the PSU. I was thinking though, Would it be worth altering the case, putting the HSF at the bottom So i could aim the fan up?Although that would be a bit of a job, and would want to make sure it would be worth it before i attempted it. Oh and my case fans. I bought 3 incase it would help (fat chance) Here are the positions

    (remembering the side of the case is off at this moment)

    I Drew the fans a bit so they are easier to see. The directions are as follows, the numbers are referring to the ones on the picture

    1) Blowing air out the case
    (was origionally blowing air in but i realised that it wasnt helping much as it seemed to be missing the HSF)

    2)Blowing air Out the case

    3) Blowing air into the case

    (was origionally blowing out but i thought if it was blowing in, may stop the heat being picked up by the HSF off the didnt lol)

    Think my plan to put the hsf at the bottom would work? :)
  22. peterdiva

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    First thing to try is to use a desk fan to blow into the case,at least then it will save you the hassle if there's no drop in temp.
  23. james_k1988

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    A good plan m8 but i dont think ill be able to get the fan i have (which aint nethin special lol ) to get sufficent air into that small gap and onto the HSF. But ill give it a go and let ya know :stickout:
  24. james_k1988

    james_k1988 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 163

    im getting a new bursery in on january. which im going to use to buy this case, it looks liek it would solve all my problems :p

    Psu's even in a different place so i can aim my fan up. Whaddya think :)
  25. PC_Nerd

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    i personally think your worrying about nothing, if it exceeds its threshold, then id be worrying.
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