AMD 64 3200+ wont cool down!

By james_k1988 ยท 57 replies
Oct 3, 2005
  1. Wee_Mee

    Wee_Mee TS Rookie

    intel for the win !

    In my exp if you want super cool CPUs intel is the chip for you AMD has bad rep for over heating CPUs my P4 3.4 gig processor clocks normal at 31 c's and when running the biggest baddest game it only goes up to 45 top :p

    also james that isnt gonna make alot of dif to ya heat prolem m8 i would forking out 30 pounds or 50 dollers where ever you from and get a top fan with a great fat heat sink i meen people always pay out loads for there cpus mother boards and buy cheap fans and wonder why they get heat problems also a good paste is needed fan and paste should cost more then 40 pounds then ya problems will be sorted case fans are ok but they more for getting fresh air in ya case to stop as much dust getting in there they only drop ya case temp by around 2 c's which isnt gonna do nothing to ya cpu temp and rpms dont meen alot too with fans it more about how good the design of the fan is and if it has a big heat sink or good conductivaty on it so go by user reviews go for a 5 star and dont cheap out on prob the most important part of ya pc : ) happy shopping :haha: :slurp:
  2. PC_Nerd

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    i think its not a bad reputation, i think its just the way thier made and it dosent really matter that thier a bit warm
  3. Wee_Mee

    Wee_Mee TS Rookie

    i did say in my exp as in my views to me they suck so had nothing but problems with em been with intel for 4 years now and super low heat and very good power out put i am a changed man :giddy:
  4. PC_Nerd

    PC_Nerd TS Rookie Posts: 82

    Hey, i know its a lot off topic, but to UK keyboards have a pound sign instead of a dollar sign on the '4' key?
  5. Wee_Mee

    Wee_Mee TS Rookie

    aye yes they do change ya windows options to usa and it will be a $ in stead : P
  6. Wee_Mee

    Wee_Mee TS Rookie

    this thread is geting big no more posts lol
    i meen its starting to look instressting lmao :)
  7. james_k1988

    james_k1988 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 163

    oh i know its isnt much of a issue. I havnt had any lockups or anything like that. and the cpu hasnt really rose to dodgey temperatures. but i would just prefer it if it ran cooler,for performance purposes (seems to boot up like a shot in mornings when room is cold) I could live with it the way it is now CPU wise. But im sure there is a general heat issue within the case.

    REason being. Except for the cpu (which i think is overheating to much cause of my hsf faceing the wrong way. thatll be fixed if i get this new case though) i have recently noticed my grafix card can fly up as well. Yesterday i was playing Need for speed most wanted demo(amazin game btw) and i got a ATI error message. telling me the card wasnt responding.(x800le HIS card) Once the message went away i wae able to load the game back up and play. Happened later on though, and against with another game. HAvnt had it since then, but when it happened i check the card tempt and it flew up from 40 (which is what its at when its not doing anything) and had crawled up to 60. dont know if this caused the problem but i dont think that its good. I could also feel the case fan that blows out air, getting hotter (blows on my leg). I'm sure teh heat inside the case is getting to much. hence why i went looking for a good cooling case . My fan has a HIS cooler on it as well to keep it super cool (big mother-fu*ker) and its still flying up

    It is in a bit of a bad location i suppose. Its under my desk in the corner. and the desk goes right round the corner. Hard to explain, but its where my computers have always been and ive not had 2 much problems (nothing heat related neways)

    I dont want a daft problem like this damageing my equipment and new parts i put in it. Thats why i though that case suited the part. the PSU is even in a different location so i could aim my fan upwards.

    I know im probably being paranoid cause up until now ive not experianced any problems that would link to that (all windows problems, big surprise... :haha: ) . And im not trying to get all riled up over a bit of heat. jus comparing what i have to what ive seen an it doesnt seem to good. AS you can tell from this 3 page long thread im not to good on heat issues with computers. although im learning thanks to this thread :) .What you guys think of that case though, think it would be worth it? looks liek it would do the job

    p.s. in my opinion, if u ask me AMD outperform intel. In all machines ive seen AMD seems to outdo INTEL,(performance-wise) even although INTEL has higher clock speeds. Dont get me wrong INTEL are very good chips,fast buggers lol, if i was offered one i wouldnt say no. jus a AMD man meself :p
  8. james_k1988

    james_k1988 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 163

    I know this is a old thread but i resolved the problem an thought id put it up.

    Now ill make clear that AT THE TIME ALL THE BIOS DRIVERS WERE UPTODATE. BUt lately MSI realeased new ones, so i put em on, an now the cpu is reading at 32C :suspiciou so after all that, turned out to be a bios fault lol. Wish i knew that before i bought new heatsink, HSF,Case....

    Thanx for the help though guys, means alot :grinthumb
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