AMD confirms a Ryzen CPU refresh with 3D V-Cache is coming in early 2022


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I feel the pain lol just recently got my 5900X rig all setup with my Dark Hero board and now this drops lolz. Ooh well, was well worth it, as I was also upgrading from an FX8370 on an Asrock 990FX Extreme4 board, both still running lol.
Jesus that is a huge *** upgrade, congrats!


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Jesus that is a huge *** upgrade, congrats!
Massive! upgrade for sure, literally all my scores doubled or more, now my 5700XT doesn't feel like its being bottlenecked by the CPU anymore lolz. Soo glad I also picked that up at Best Buy for $430 before the pandemic O.o' lol. Now you can't get any GPUs at a reasonable price >.>.