AMD FX-8350 and FX-6300 Review: Desktop Flagship Series Refresh

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Oct 22, 2012
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  1. To all you AMD haters better wish AMD dies faster... like tomorrow if possible...then I would enjoy YOU ALL BUY an i3 for 500 bucks...good luck...oh not to mention small performance improvements from intel from one generation to another due to lack of competition....YES I REALLY want AMD to die now so that you all haters will have to pay more...DIE AMD
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  2. Humans are like that they are a greedy bunch...when something is around they don't appreciate it and when it's gone...they start regretting...
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  4. Being a former hard core AMD user it is sad to see such crappy performance from them. my 3200+ lasted a long time and was a beast OCed, my phenom II 720 unlocked to a quad core, OCed well, and lasted through 3 generations of video cards. in fact it's still being used as a gaming machine. when it came time to build my new rig the amd 8350 had crossed my mind but the extra wattage for less than egual to an i5 3570k just wasn't worth it. plus intel supports pci-e 3.0, usb 3, plus extra features intel includes ... it was a no brainer. I really hope amd can get some good engineers to work on later cpus and make the best bang for the buck cpus again. gpus, now that's another story and I still use radeon.
  5. Without AMD "fanboism" your beloved Intel CPUs would cost twice the price, with an even more frequent chipset change with each CPU release. No competition for Intel = Intel sets whatever prices they want (like they already do with Instruction sets, owning the majority of the market they get to set to tone).

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