AMD looking to increase staff by 10%


TS Rookie
AMD wants to hire more than 1,000 tech professionals in the US and Canada, primarily design engineers, software professionals, and IT specialists. Given that the company had 10,400 employees in January 2010, this is an increase of about 10 percent.

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TechSpot Paladin
Good to see AMD hiring. It's a lot more optimistic than firing people. :)

I've been told that AMD is a good place to work at. It's certainly on my list of potential work places. BTW, just checked now and there are actually jobs in here Israel on the AMD OpenCL team. Hmmm...


trainee n00b
Judging by the slippage in AMD Stream SDK meeting its published and revised roadmap bullet points and general lack of multi-gpu support, you might find that once you get the job that you are the AMD OCL team.:p


TechSpot Paladin
Hopefully they hire some new web developers, because navigating their site is a pain in the tuckus.