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Jul 21, 2014
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  1. Hope someone can offer some insight. I see where many, if not all the brands, Asus, MSI, etc. have guys asking for vBIOS updates in various forums to solve problems with display. What is the general incompatibility issue? Any light that can be shed is appreciated
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    It depends on what you are referring to, there is not real issues with the R series GPU's in terms of display output. Most of the associated problems people are having involve a few things:

    Some of the 4k monitors (The AOC for instance) use a very odd way to refresh which caused the display to flicker on the R9 series GPU's which was resolved in a recent patch.

    Some high refresh displays using DP

    and some others

    However I would not worry, most of the problems if any are fixed via patches and catalyst revisions. If the manufacturer has to update something like the this its normally involves something like with their own software or certain things in environments not working together properly. I would not worry, I have done nothing to my PowerColor R9 290X trio and they all work great.
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    Thank You for the reply. When I read forums and reviews guys state something like artifacts or monitor flickering never stating much beyond that. The "Pro" reviews never have any problems with display at least with the 280 series which is what I will be getting.

    Can you speak to any motherboard incompatibilities? I have read "amateur" reviews where the guys state there is no problem. I have also read where some guys think it an issue. For what it is worth I have an Asus P8 P67 Pro and there will be no more BIOS updates. I can't see it being an issue at all because the vidcard manufacturers
    would not be selling any cards if it was.

    Thanks again for your response
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    Artifacts generally come from instability (Likely in ram) on cards which means its a faulty card (There are other causes but that is a general thing and I would not worry).

    As for the motherboard, should not have a problem as it supports both AMD and Nvidia CFX/SLI so you should not run into any issues. Motherboard incompatibility is not something you really hear much of in this day and age except in areas of multi-GPU which sometimes comes down to support for SLI. But your board is just fine for everything so I would not be worried about buying R9 280's or 280X's.
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