AMD Radeon 4850HD crashing since moving to AMD build

By Nick2k16
May 2, 2016
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  1. I recently went from an Intel build to this AMD build and since the change, Diablo III has been crashing (black screen w/ looped sounds) but sometimes comes back to game. Other crashes push me to the desktop w/ Diablo game sound looping (alt-tab will open game back up). The rare crashes is a complete system crash.

    My temps are fine: CPU max at 40C and my GPU maxing around 50-55C. Nonetheless I took each hardware apart for cleaning for the sake of troubleshooting and still seeing same results. I uninstalled the Radeon driver offered for my (legacy) Radeon 4850 HD and let Windows find the appropriate driver. That has helped a bit b/c before doing that the PC would lock up everytime. With the Windows driver detection, the screen will go black a few seconds but come back to the game. Everyone once in a while it's a total lock of the PC.I have also tried the Crimson drivers for Windows X but the installs fail every time.

    I'll just toss this out there for anyone to chew on: RAM slots 3 and 4 are dead so I have my 2x 2GB sticks in slots 1 and 2. I'm not quite sure that will cause a problem or not, though. Memtest showed no errors, either.

    This ONLY occurs when playing Diablo III game. It's the only game on this PC right now.Some videos from certain sites will also spike my CPU to 100% and I end up having to alt-ctrl-del out of the Firefox window.

    It operates under normal load of daily activities just fine.

    I'll also add (b/c I've wondered it myself) when I converted from the Intel build to the AMD build I did NOT put a fresh Win10 install on the HDD. Can this cause issues in regards to my question in the topic?

    PC Specs:

    CPU - AMD A-4 3300
    Mobo - Biostar TA75A+
    GPU - AMD Radeon 4850HD 512mb
    RAM - 2x 2GB G-Skill 1066 DDR3
    PSU - Corsair CX 500w
    Windows 10 x64
    Latest BIOS is installed

    If anyone needs more pertinent info, I'll gladly round that up for you!

    Thanks in advance.

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