AMD releases Catalyst 12.2 "pre-certified" driver

Matthew DeCarlo

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If you can't wait until the next official Catalyst build clears Microsoft's testing phase, AMD is offering a "pre-certified" version. Pre-release drivers are usually labeled as "preview," "beta" or  even…

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Good they are getting their game together. I can just now (downloaded 12.1 earlier) play skyrim in fullscreen.
Since the 7970 release they just came out with an official 7900 series driver a couple days ago finally.

Pushed to get out a card where the software was actually unfinished to support their hardware released. Though why break their lousy driver streak?

I'm not sure having to disable ULPS, then juggle between Powertune, CCC and MSI Beta Afterburner to over clock is any success.

I gave some thought in upgrading but immediately after release the issues cropped up and I decide to hold off. Glad I did.

Technically the launch should have been two days ago for AMD. Give them kudos though because this time around they had beta testers give $570 to do it for them. ;)

Great card, sweet performance when working, but terrible way to start off a flagship card immaturely. Turns people off. I wouldn't down load any 'per-certified' driver from AMD.

Darth Shiv

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Had to use a rc driver before and had no major issues apart from power management but no problems in game. Very happy new drivers are finally here.


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does this driver solve the hydra issue with full screen flash not staying in the predefined borders?


I've had problems with the HIS 6670 using new AMD/ATI drivers, works best just using the release from the HIS site.