Amd Ryzen 2400g Overheating

Hey sorry to bother anyone im using the stock ryzen cooler the cpu sits around 95 C should I get a new cooler or new thermal paste?


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Hello! I had the exact same problem with the 2400g. It took me months and months plus a lot of emails, worrying, customer support, tech spot, and money. Hopefully this will work. I was having weird, high temps that were jumping around. The first thing you want to do is take off the cooler, wipe off the current thermal paste, and apply some nice new thermal paste. I upgraded to the wraith prism, highly recommend and worth the 40 bucks, but the third and final step is a bit more difficult. Go into your BIOS, go into CPU configuration, then there should be a setting called Cool and Quiet. It will be called something else if you don't have an ASrock mobo. It may take some digging but you'll find it. You can also look up what it would be called for your mobo brand. Turn this OFF, as it does exactly the opposite that it says. This should fix the high temps and if you need the amazon link for the wraith prism and or the thermal paste just ask.

Hope this helps and I hope that I'm not too late ;)