AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D vs. Intel Core i9-13900K

Plugging in the 7700X to my Parts Picker build, the wattage goes down to 694W. Cutting it a little too thin for my liking, but probably fine with a good PSU that can actually deliver the wattage they advertised. Platinum doesn't hurt.
I am seeing no significant performance difference between the 750 sfx platinum and my new 1000 watt Seasonic Vertex atx 3.0 psu at default even with power slider set to maximum in EVGA precision although the PC cable management does look sleeker now. I would think the 7700x uses more power from what I recall it was constantly hovering around 90 to 95 watts of power during gameplay vs 7800X3D at 50 watts. The only reason I tried the 750 watt psu personally because it worked with my 3090 xc3 liquid since launch, and there were not too many atx 3.0 power supplies around when the 4090 launched. I had the Thermaltake atx 3.0 1000 watt supply in my possession when I bought the 4090 but ended up returning it because the 750 sfx worked at the time.
Circling back to the topic the 7700x is an amazing cpu especially if you can oc it but the 7800X3D is better if you want a sleek nice looking small factor pc to perform without throttling. Some forget in order to prevent throttling you need to run your AC in the summer time ( another hidden cost) Which is not the case with 7800X3D in my experience with the Noctua D15 air cooled cpu. FYI.
No. I thought RL refresh will have more e-cores? The i3 is getting 6/12.
You're right, but that's not the point. More cores (especially more E cores) will not help gaming performance, except possibly on the very bottom of the lineup where you're going from 4 cores to 6.
When it comes to matching the 7800X3D it the high end, the only thing Intel can do is higher IPC (which won't happen because this refresh is the same architecture) or higher clocks (which requires even higher power consumption). And there's already rumors the 14700K boosts to ~260W, up from ~230W on the 13700K.