AMD Sempron 3100+ Processor(1.81 Ghz), Good for gaming or Bad?

By bigblued5 · 7 replies
Jul 13, 2006
  1. My Processor is it good for gaming cause im wondering if i shud buy a new one cause when i play CSS ( Counter Strike: Source) its kinda laggy well its more laggy than not laggy at all. Plus the graphics ar pretty bad, but im able to see everything ( not clearly ). So Im wondering if my processor ( AMD Sempron 3100+) is good for it or i shud get a new one and shud i get a new graphics card (SiS 760)? My RAM is 512MB maybe i shud get 2GB RAM or 1GB????any suggestions?
  2. nickslick74

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    It looks like from your post that you are using on board graphics. This would be one cause of the lagginess. Your processor may also be slowing things down. Since it is a Semperon, you would be limited to getting another socket 754 processor. The Athlon 64 is still available in socket 754, but this socket only supports single channel memory, unlike the socket 939 which supports dual channel memory.

    So, to help you with a video card, what does your Motherboard support: AGP or PCI-e graphics cards? If you don't know for sure then tell us your motherboard make and model and we can help suggest an appropriate video card.

    Here is a possible processor upgrade:
  3. Tedster

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    I run on an athlon 3200+ XP processor, with 1.5 gigs and a 7800GS graphics card.

    The graphics card is the key to the whole puzzle.

    I can run doom 3 in high end mode.
  4. wolfram

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    Yes, and fortunately you don't have a 2.0GHZ Celeron CPU, so you're good. AMD's have superior performance (until Conroe comes out) when it comes to gaming.
  5. bigblued5

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    lol but still wat do i get be exact plz
  6. SNGX1275

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    We can't help until you tell us whether you can use AGP or PCIe graphics. I'm betting you can only use AGP. The best graphics card for gaming in AGP land is eVGA's 7800GS SC, I have this card and my system is limited only by CPU power (A64 2800+ @ 1.98) so certainly your CPU will be the limiting factor after that card. But its far overkill for your processor, you'd probably do well with a 5 or 6000 series nVidia and keeping your processor the same.

    Vid card upgrade will make the most difference. Do that.
  7. the bacon

    the bacon TS Rookie

    Brouse for graphics cards/display adapters here they've got good selection and you can find wich one will fit your budget
  8. bigblued5

    bigblued5 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    ok thank u for the help uve given me in the past but now i am ready to buy a graphics car and/or processor and/or Ram so how do i tell u all these things i need to know cause if i go to newegg and i find a graphics card i want and is in my price range my system might now be able to handle it so please, do u need to know my voltage or something? i have no idea how to tell u it so please tell me
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