AMD Smart Access Memory Tested, Benchmarked

// There’s no real reason why the 256GB limit exists, ...//
Typo, GB instead of MB :)
BAR max limit is 512GB

Originally, resizeable BAR was actually an optional engineering change to version 2.0 spec, sponsored by HP and *drumroll*.....AMD


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Steven, you are so full of it. If nVidia had a 14% increase over AMD you'd be yelling it to the World, and you know it. Your bias is ruining Techspot's legitimacy.


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This article is largely academic though, since nobody, not even scalpers can find even a single Radeon 6k GPU to buy.

We see articles pub'd now that refer to vaporware products only available to the Privileged Elite, You Tubers and Tech Journalists.
Shouldn't fault the guys from publishing the data, it's not their fault there are no cards for sale. When cards appear, we'll have a wealth of data to decide, rather than the sometimes rushed launch day reviews
FYI, your article mentions a "256GB limit" when you actually mean 256MB. Back in the the 32-bit days, 256GB was something techies only dreamed about (still is, lol).


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I'm here reading to understand a bit more of the new nVidia article. It really is disappointing when you are led to question the integrity of an article. You would think after three months all editorial mistakes would have been fixed. It's not like no one mentioned it.

"Typically the CPU can access up to 256 MB of mapped VRAM"
"There’s no real reason why the 256GB limit exists"


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A single letter typo has been fixed. International drama/crisis/endoftheworld averted.


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Nice to see you take it so lightly you find it necessary to show sarcasm. Take more pride in your (as in staff) articles, before they are published! Even if they are copy and paste articles.

This is not the first time, I have complained about editorial negligence. Although I don't remember you personally being around for the others.