AMD's CPUs lose ground to Intel in latest Steam hardware survey, Windows 7 gains users


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Your level of reading comprehension isn't strong enough to realise that the word "good" is being used in a relative manner in this case? Well, it looks like everyone else understood my words just fine.
That's it? That your best response? :laughing:
TW, ALL Intel offerings are crap because Intel is crap.
Careful there, your fanboy is showing.. Intel isn't crap anymore than AMD, ARM, Qualcomm, Samsung, TSMC, NVidia or any other technology creation firm. Your perception of them is what is driving your opinion. That opinion has no basis in reality. The reality is that Intel CPU's and chipsets perform within a few percentage points, give or take depending the usage model employed, of AMD's products and have become cost effective because of AMD's fierce competition.
Now try using it in the relative manner in which it must be meant because obviously I'm not comparing Intel to Bosch, am I?
Mental drivel.