By Phaze
Jul 21, 2005
  1. Since a short period of time, each time I startup windows, and every now and then a norton antivirus window pops up, telling me the message.. well look for yourself! Translation of the attached file:
    "Norton Antivirus has discovered a virus on your computer."
    "Taken Action: The file cannot be recovered"
    Now on the next screen:
    "Taken Action: Access to the file has been blocked"
    So now after I restart my computer, Rundll comes up with the message: "AMS491.DAt, access to the file has been denied"
    This makes me pretty pissed off, also it doesnt seem to know wich virus it is, it just says Trojan Horse. Well I hope somebody can help me, if this will keep poping up somewhat longer I will do a hard disk formattation.
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