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An odd one? Every media format in ANY player crashing!

By MorningMusume
Feb 9, 2010
  1. OK, i have no idea what could be wrong. I will start with the problem itself then add as many details as i can after :S Please bare with me !

    Since a few weeks ago now, no matter what media file type i am using, audio or video, the file randomly crashes almost every single time. Not just files on my computer's hard drive, but Anything that is streamed from the net, i.e. YouTube or BBCiPlayer ect...

    It started with YouTube crashes. The video will play, but could crash the browser ( Any browser i have used, Firefox, IE, Netscape, Opera ect... ) at any random point. BUT, sometimes Will play to the end ! So bizarre. Mostly the video will crash the browser, asking me to send a crash report to Mozilla ect...which i do every time but have heard nothing back. Plus It is Really difficult to be specific to Firefox tech support because thier help site is really poor.

    From the hard drive i will use mainly VLC Player, but also Windows Media player ( including classic ), Winamp, Realplayer, and any others similar to them. All crash when playing a media file.

    Here is what is also odd, on top of that, If i play a DVD in my PC ( using PowerDVD player ) it plays perfectly. Never crashes ( touch wood! ).

    I though maybe my sound card could be at fault ( seeing as audio files MP3 ect crash ) but i play my guitar thru my PC along with my music, and if the MP3 crashes, my guitar does not cut out along with it. It carries on with no issues at all.
    I was thinking is it corrupt media files? But why would the media that is streamed online crash too if that was the problem ?

    I have installed new codecs. Uninstalled several of the media players and reinstalled them. Tried several other things, even disabling the soundcard at one point to see if that was the issue, but the video would still crash !

    I am at a complete loss as to what could have happened :S

    My PC is pretty old now, so i am wondering could there be some major errors within the core of Windows, which i cannot reinstall because i was never given a disk with the PC in the first place, just with Windows installed on it before i had the PC.

    I am using a copy of Windows XP
    AMD Athlon XP 2600+
    1.25GB of RAM
    Soundcard : Creative SoundBlaster Live! Value ( sheesh ! ancient i know )
    GFX Card : ATI Radeon 9600 / X1050 Series Secondary

    Each time anything crashes, i rarely get an error report send option, unless it is a web browser, but like i say, nothing ever comes of these reports. YouTube or iPlayer are the worst offenders, but everything else will pretty much crash consistently and at random points in the file, not at a specific time or place.

    Could PC overheating be a problem ? Do either GFX or Audio cards get too hot and have to cut out to stop from breaking ? I wanted to say also that if i am using any webpage and not streaming media, then the browser never crashes. It is only ever when media is streaming from a website. Same goes for my PC, tho i do recall my PC sometimes restarts for no apparent reason, tho that is quite a rare occurrence. But could that be due to overheating issues ?

    Any help would be so wonderful, if you can !

    Thankyou !
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