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Mar 29, 2013
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  1. First off, great site. I was reading through previous post about MoBo's and PSU last night.

    I acquired an older box from a friend around 3 years ago. The post info shows a Xeon 2ghz with 1 meg of RAM, (2) sticks physically.

    It's been sitting in the 2nd floor of the shop since then. It ran Windows Small Business Server when it was in service back in the day, approx. 8 years ago or so. I like the case, because it looks like it could hold 8 to 9 drives. It does have adaptec scsi on the MOBO.

    I don't have the specs on the mother board at the time of this post, but will update this thread later today with that info. I thought I would set up the box as just a file server, and act as a 2nd repository for my images. I'm a professional photographer, and I have just finished setting up one NAS Raid5 for redundancy purposes.

    2 days ago, I fired up the box, and it would run 3 to 5 or so minutes while I was checking it out. Replacing drives, and the such. Yesterday, I was installing the OS, and came back to find the machine off, which I found to be strange.

    I unplugged it, and turned it back on and it will only run 4 to 5 seconds tops, then shut down. If I'm not mistaken, I believe this is why I got the machine from them in the first place. I took out the memory sticks, both of them, and it still has the same problem. I took out the hard drive and nic card, and still the same scenario.

    I took the mobo out of the case, and placed it on some cardboard, and also removed all the connectors for front panel lights, reset switch, power switch, etc... When I turn it on via the on/off switch on the back of the power supply in the case, it runs for 4 seconds, and POOF, off.

    I'm guessing at this point either the MOBO got shorted out at some point in time or it's the PSU. What I find weird though, is that 2 days ago, it ran for at least 3 to 5 minutes.

    I don't plan on sinking a bunch of money in it due to the fact I just spent 900.00 on a NAS box and drives for my main system, but thought it might be something to setup, and build upon for a secondary repository of my images.

    Thoughts either way. As I mentioned, or should have, I'm not looking for anything blazing fast, because my main editing box is fine for what it was designed to do.
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    Interesting. Dont quote me here, but I am pretty sure you have a bad motherboard. Do you have some equivalent speed RAM to see if that is the issue? See if putting in new RAM will help.
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  4. hood6558

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    The first thing I'd try is a different power supply. I've repaired a lot of old systems, and usually the first thing to go is the PSU.. Perhaps it's because most OEM builders use the cheapest PSU that will do the job. Memory problems are much less frequent; even on old, dusty boards, I can usually get the RAM to work by cleaning contacts and re-seating the modules. Anyway, soon you'll know, and as long as the motherboard is okay it's worth spending a few $ on a PSU or RAM.
  5. Pfiltz

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    Thanks Hood... Just picked up the empty box. Power supply according to them, was OK, with regard to voltage. Best I can remember, I got this box because the company had some kind of power spike or pop due to lighting.

    I'll probably try to find a semi-decent board to put in it. I have no clue though as to what CPU's go in any given boards... Never built many systems from the ground up. It's just going to be a file server anyway if I do decide to proceed with it.

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