An updated Nvidia Shield TV passes through FCC

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Last month, we reported on the existence of an updated Nvidia Shield TV codenamed "mdarcy". This model supposedly came with an updated Tegra X1 chipset, Android 9 Pie, and perhaps even new peripherals. It now seems like that device is indeed real based on a recent FCC filing.

As if to remove any doubt, the filing is labeled "Nvidia Corporation Shield Android TV Game Console P3430". While no images or specifics were listed, the processor listed was the Tegra X1 T210 B01. For comparison, the processor in the 2017 Shield TV is the Tegra X1 A2. This gives credence to the rumor that the new Shield would have an updated chipset.

The Nvidia Shield TV has consistently been one of the better and more popular Android TV devices. Not only does it contain the full power of the Android ecosystem, it also allows local game streaming from Nvidia GPU-equipped PCs and Nvidia's own game streaming service, GeForce Now. With Google Stadia gearing up in the fall, it's likely that the Stadia service (and perhaps even Microsoft's xCloud) will eventually come to Android TV.

The Nintendo Switch is getting updated with updated processor, flash, and motherboard. It's possible that the updated processor will also be the same SoC that Nvidia will use for its Shield TV or at least a similar variant.

The details of the filing are kept confidential for 180 days so we still have a ways to go before an official announcement. In fact, this may just be a minor spec bump with an updated version of Android. Nvidia has actually been one of the better OEMs when it comes to keeping older devices up to date with a new version of Android. Even if the updated Shield TV comes with Android Pie, it's very likely Android Q will wind up on the device as well.

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Finally... Looks like all the rumors are coming true. I've held off buying a Shield when I heard about a new one in the works. Hope its not a long wait.


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Honestly not sure what a minor spec bump will allow the device to do better than it already does, assuming it has stayed relatively untouched since release because it doesn't actually need any more power than it already has at it's disposal. If they can reduce production cost and pass on the savings on the other hand that could be interesting, as long as the quality isn't affected.


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I already have 2 Shields and a Shield Pro - guess I better get my wallet ready for another. I could actually use a little more horsepower for some of the things I do with it.


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Here's hoping the new Shield TV gets released before BF 2019, that way I can get 2017's version at bargain hunter's price (less $100) ;-)