Rumor mill: News of a Switch Lite seemed to semi confirm whispers from earlier this year that Nintendo was working on two new models of the hybrid console. While the rumored Switch Pro still remains elusive, a Class II Permissive Change Request filed with the FCC seems to indicate that the current model is receiving some upgrades.

On Wednesday, we reported that Nintendo is preparing to release a budget model Switch this September for $200. What slipped under the radar is that the flagship version is getting some upgrades as well --- or so it would seem.

According to documents filed with the Federal Communication Commission, the Switch is getting a new processor, flash memory, and motherboard to accommodate the upgraded components. The change request does not go into specifics, so it is hard to say how significant the upgrades will be.

It is probably safe to say that storage capacity will be increased. As for the new SoC, Nintendo could just be replacing the old power-hungry Tegra X1 with the slightly more energy efficient chip it will be using in the Switch Lite or going with something a bit more powerful. It cannot be too significantly different since the documents are regarding the current model and not an entirely new generation of device.

However, an upgraded Switch along with the confirmed Switch Lite would confirm rumors that started circulating back in March that Nintendo had two versions of the handheld in the pipe for this year. Originally, the new devices were expected to be announced at E3, but Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa dispelled the idea saying that the company would have no new hardware to introduce at the show.

While this clearly is not the rumored Switch Pro that many are still crossing their fingers for, it is at least a small tweak showing that Nintendo is willing to improve upon and perhaps address some shortcomings of the current design.

Image credit: Wachiwit via Shutterstock