Ancient Laptop, Giving troubles



  1. if i could turn it on to see, but i can't. is anywhere i can see it?

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  2. can you see it, i'd be happy to know it too

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By steelblast
Nov 21, 2016
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  1. So, I have a Acer Aspire 3680.. It's a little old I know.

    I have it for years, and it is 3 years by now that I did not touch it, because it has a broken screen and had no switch board (I think it's called like that, anymay it's a little board where you connect the power cable, that connects to the mother board) (PSU? idk)

    So. I bought one PSU(?) online installed it and tried to turn the laptop on... it makes noise, like the fan is working and then stops. the screen besides being broken don't even light up. I tried to connect to another screen, and nothing. still does the very same. It turns on for like 4/5 seconds, the fan stops, and after that shuts down. if I try to start it again, it turn the power button light for a second and then turns off. the only way I can make it do the fan working noise thing, is disconnect the power cable and connect it again. Please help... I know I can get another one, but it was my very own first laptop, and I want to save it!

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