Android and iOS made up for 95.7% of worldwide smartphone shipments in 2013

Justin Kahn

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Android and iOS smartphone shipments grew 6.1% year-over-year in 2013, making up for 93.8% of all smartphone shipments in the year, according to IDC's latest figures. Q4 2013 numbers saw the two dominate platforms increase even further to account for...

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I made to the change to Windows 8 phone. I feel it's much better than the Motorola Razz Max that was sure expensive. Android is not 100% stable it does have issues when it comes to smartphone side. That's not my Android phone the prior ones were LG and Samsung. Windows 8 smart phone takes some time to get use to it but in all doesn't lock me out of the keypad other things Android phone did.

Those numbers should be higher for Windows 8 phone with the lumia 520 deal and 521 t-mobile both were selling for $59.


Your right,now there are approximately 2,966,514,816 Devices / Computers that are connected to the internets as of 18/02/2014