Another computer crash

By jacktwiz
Jul 9, 2009
  1. hi i've been using my computer for about 2 years now, and it was fine up to a few days ago, when it froze up because i guess i was trying to run too many programs at a time. anyway, i was able to get my task manager up and command my computer to reboot. thinking everything was fine, i left to do some other stuff, but when i returned a few hours later, the computer was still frozen up, it had never restarted like i told it to.

    from that point on, everytime i turn on the computer, it will randomly freeze up and crash within 30 mins. in addition, if i try a few commands while the computer is frozen, it will then emit a loud 'beep' sound that goes on forever until i force shut the pc down(pressing the power button for 5 seconds). i do not believe this is a fault of a virus or spyware because i have protection programs installed and i've already tried multiple scans/cleans.

    any help will be much appreciated! its so frustrating not being able to work on a stable environment for even an hour!

    * to specify freezing, my entire computer just stops (even the task manager monitoring the CPU usage % stops), i am unable to perform any commands, and further tampering as mentioned above results in the death screech. i am NOT experiencing any form of blue screen of death, error messages, or even a notification of system failure upon reboot.
  2. Bobbye

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    What operating system are you using?
    How much RAM is installed?
    Is it one, long beep or a series of beeps that goes on for a long time?

    What did you do in the Task Manager to cause the reboot?
    How did you "command" the system to reboot?
    Did you shut down first?
    What is the "death screech"?

    Obviously you've had an improper shutdown since it sounds like you rebooted with active programs- even if they were frozen- but need more info please.
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