Another Dell from Hell

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Oct 13, 2008
  1. Another Dell Problem- Inspirion 15 series (I think) friends system- I looked at it briefly-
    She ran CCleaner- resulted in a loss of html on Google browser- IE Firefox OK-
    No biggie, except that she was also locked out of Control Panel-
    Started playing around w it- she lost power- took it home to plug it in-
    Ran SP3 update from Microsoft and guess what she got? BSOD-DRM-Will not boot in safe mode or anything else-

  2. swker98

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    you could try a repair install of windows xp, not sure if all dell recovery cds support the repair option but its worth a try, also if you have a windows xp cd of the same version you could try it with that

    Repair install:

    the repair install shouldn't result in lost data just repair the xp install

    edit: just for fun did you try starting in "last known good configuration" (hit F8 on startup)
  3. jacatro

    jacatro TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Dell Hell

    YUP- tried all- ended up going into the Bios and running the Dell diagnostic from there- a friend (Dell tech) said that it wouldnt do anything anyway-
    Yeah- Im going to just install the XP over it to save data- my concern is that if its a virus, it may be like throwing an icecube into a furnace- but from here I cant run anything to remove-
    Just wondering the cause-
  4. swker98

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  5. jacatro

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    No- it went badly after the update-right to blue screen-she had some kind of a browser issue that should have been fixed by the update, but instead, it crashed- God knows-
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