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Jul 1, 2009
  1. Hey guys, just found your website and its helped me fix my non showing hidden files.

    I do however have another annoyance on my computer, which strangely enough seems to have been there since i got this computer. Even after formatting it etc and without having the internet until recently.

    Basically, my computer wont allow me to delete, rename or move any folders from where i have just copy and pasted a file. After copying a file from a folder and pasting it elsewhere, going back and trying to delete the folder it came from i get "this file/folder is in use by another program" cant tell what program or anything. Happens all the time and the only way to delete such folders is rebooting my computer. Fair enough this then enables me to get rid of those folders, but its pretty annoying.

    Anyone know of a way to fix this?

    I have attached a log from hijakthis, hope it helps.
  2. wildman6801

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    A way to find out which program is using the files that are open is to use the command line utility openfiles. Go to the windows command line - START then RUN then enter "cmd" click enter. A black box will open with a blinking cursor. type the command "openfiles /local on". Reboot the computer then go back into the command line and enter the following command "openfile | more" . You will see a list of which files are open and which program is using them. if you want to move down one screen push the enter key. You then can go into the task manager by going holding down ALT then CTRL then DEL click the task manager button and click the tab PROCESSES. single click the program that has the file open then click END PROCESS. If the program that has the file open is explorer, when you close it, it will close your desktop icons , start menu, and such. You will have to reopen it by going to the task manager then click FILE then NEW TASK. In the dialog box type in explorer then click OK. Your desktop will be back.

    Hope this helps out,
  3. captaincranky

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    This is a forced data base error which happens to me from time to time. I doubt that any program is actually using the files in question. It's just a phantom error, the OS thinks the file is still there after it's been moved. It usually appears when to many files or programs are open, and available RAM is almost gone.
    So, close some files and close some programs. It doesn't seem necessary to go on a witch hunt for malware for this aberration. This is not to say you don't have malware, it's just very doubtful it's the cause of this issue.

    Windows likes to be restarted from time, if fixes itself. So. IMHO is isn't a big tragedy or imposition to reboot from time to time.
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    Checkout this very handy tool OpenedFilesView to see every open file handle for all your running processes (and learn which processes have the same files open!) Click on column headers to view by process or file path etc.

    You can also right click to force file handles get closed
  5. Moondog1983

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    Thank you guys, great help.

    I know its not too bad a problem, its just fairly annoying, going to download that program you guys mentioned and give it a go. Thanks alot.

    By the way, does my hijakthis log show any evidence of malware etc? Just to be safe.

  6. captaincranky

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    I looked at your HJT logs, and nothing sets off any alarms for me.

    DISCLAIMER; I am far from the last or most informed word on this!

    You are running the free version of Daemon Tools. This comes with free adware, unless you opt out at the time of installation. There's an box you need to uncheck.
    Daemon Tools has been known to cause some problems. Here again it's doubtful that this is the root of your problem.

    You should update Adobe Reader to at least version 7. Past that revision the program is really bloated, I don't use the 8 or 9. You may be able to update to version 7 through a website that requires you to use the reader for something such as a product manual. If you go directly to Adobe you'll only be able to get versions 8 or 9. (I think). I had ver 6 installed until recently, and it tended to lock up the browser when viewing some PDFs.

    Please consider installing the "No Script" extension for your FireFox browser. It kills most all the ads, and makes surfing the net way, way safer. Find it @ also check out the home page;

    Check out this page about malware rtemoval;

    It wouldn't hurt to install "Super Anti-Spyware & "CCleaner"
  7. gbhall

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    Strongly recommend Foxit pdf reader replacement for Adobe reader. It is better in every respect I can think of. Just be careful during the install not to install the Google toolbar by accident as well ! It is what pays Foxit for the product.
  8. captaincranky

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    I automatically associate "free toolbar" with the axiom, "beware of Greeks bearing gifts". Hey wait, that's a knock off about the "Trojan Horse" isn't it?
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