Another WW2 Game Out...

By Akio
Mar 1, 2005
  1. I heard there was another WW2 game coming out, yeah I know some of you are probably thinking man.... another one? But this one is called Brothers In Arms and for once, this game actually looks interesting. Supposedly it's going to be like Full Spectrum Warrior (must have game, unless you hate strategy) but first person. You can tell you're people to go to run to a certain place, take cover etc. But the trailer looks awesome, (Have to be 18 or older :grinthumb) it kind of reminds me of a movie. Hopefully it will be Co'op but that's just me, the game is of course set in WW2 with the American's famous drop into Normandy. Your part of the Screaming Eagles, I think that is what they're called.... but check it out go to the link I sent you for the Trailer or go to for the whole game webpage.
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