AntivirusPro 2009 redirecting problem

By Bladorz2
Nov 20, 2008
  1. A few days ago, I accidentally installed AntiVirusPro2009. I read some other topics on what to do. So far I got the pop up notice to go away, deleted AntiVirusPro2009, deleted Bratsk.exe. The only problem I have right now is that I cannot connect to the internet when updating my AntiSpyware/Virus. And every time I try googling AVG, it sends me to some browser that redirects me to AntivirusPro2009 or some advertisement site. I also cannot install or run some Malware removal programs such as mbam-setup.
    Is there anyone that can help me? I keep getting redirected, and I have to enter the site by myself. I also cannot install or update antivirus/spyware removers/scanners. I have also noticed my internet got a little slower.
  2. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    This is a so-called “bump” for your thread

    One user reported relief using this application: Freeware version - Drweb CureIt

    CureIt 4.44 now available @Cnet. (download dot com - phoenetical spelling to frustrate spy-slurpers recording the link)

    This was developed locally: script by mflynn zipped to zap bug screwing update/download

    Of course, for the full treatment, please consider the 8-step malware removal guide

    Please include a progress report & identify If CureIt or mflynn was helpful. Re-state the symptoms that are still present.
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