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Any game I play will lag

By takuza ยท 4 replies
Oct 7, 2008
  1. This is my first thread, I hope I'm doing it right.
    I've been having an issue playing games on my Dell M1210 lap top. I run XP service pack 3 (I had the problems even when I had SP2 so I dont think this is an issue), media center edition. Its duo-core, 2Ghz, 3 gigs RAM and my videocard is Nvidia 7400 256mb.

    Now I used to run games such as oblivion IV perfectly fine without any delays or lags but after I restored my computer one time because of an indication of a virus, it never ran games the same since. This was a year and a half ago.

    Now by lag in ANY game I mean EVERY game I play. Flash games from newgrounds (like ether wars), older PC games like Oni and Diablo 2, newer ones like Dreamfall (which I quit playing because the lag was so bad) and oblivion IV just won't run the same anymore.
    For flash games I would pause the game and leave it for 3 minutes, then I could play for another 5 minutes before the lag starts kicking in again. The lag "spikes" aren't random, they are all perfect intervals of lag (for instance every 1 second there would be .2 seconds of lag). I know my internet connection is working fine, because my roommate can play the game without any lag.
    For other non-online games such as Dreamfall or Oni, Everything would be running smoothly and then suddenly A massive lag interval would hit, and usually I would have to quit the game out of frustration.
    Diablo 2 is actually not bad, but at times I would be running around with my mini-map on and my character would slow down (lag), but when I turn my minimap off it doesn't lag as much or as often.
    I know I have a video card more than capable of running these games at least on the lowest specs but no matter how low I make them the lag intervals don't change. It was working perfectly fine before so i can't understand why this is happening now. If I would have to say anything regarding the changes I've made for my computer it would be the RAM upgrade I gave it (up to 2 from 1GB, then a few weeks ago I gave it 4GB..but for some reason my computer only reads 3GB) I've never seen or heard anything like it before...and I would appreciate any help anyone could offer.

  2. Malstrom

    Malstrom TS Rookie

    i would say Format and make sure you have all the Latest Drivers for your pc Video audio ect...

    and for future reference dont buy dell
  3. iLag!!!!!

    iLag!!!!! TS Rookie Posts: 18

    If you have 4GB of ram but the computer only reads 3GB, then you've got a serious problem. Make sure all of your RAM has the same frequency, latency, etc. If the RAM is supposedly compatible, try removing one strip of it and see if the RAM amount is reading correctly. If it isn't then put that one back in and remove another one, until you find the incompatible or faulty strip.

    Also, as Malstrom said, don't buy Dell.
  4. takuza

    takuza TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright, I guess I'll do that one morning/afternoon when I have a few hours of free time.
  5. takuza

    takuza TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well the thing that gets me is that when I first got the computer I read that the maximum RAM it can hold is 4gigs. I got 2 corsair DDR2 RAMS both at 2GB, the exact same ones and installed them myself. Maybe I didn't put one of them in right? I made sure there would be no static that could destroy the chips, etc. But if one was malfunctioning, wouldn't it say I only have 2GB of RAM? I checked system settings at startup (F2) and it indicated 4GB, but when I log in and check properties it says 3GB...weird..anyhow I will do as you say, and report the results. I guess I should do the RAM thing before I format the comp.

    And my next computer will be a desktop that I build myself, and definitely not a dell. Thanks for both your advice - but if you guys have anything else to add (tips, suggestions) I would appreciate it very much.

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