Anyone playing PS3/Xbox360 using HDMI PC monitor?

By kpjoonkp ยท 4 replies
Oct 16, 2007
  1. I bought benq fp222wh which is HDMI compatible, so i hooked up my ps3 to the monitor, using my HDMI cable. I pressed input on my monitor to switch to HDMI mode, and changed settings on my ps3. the monitor remained its blue screen, it does not show the hdmi ps3 screen!!! the monitor is connected via DVI, if it helps. Can someone plz solve my problem??
  2. yeah i am, i'm using a Dell SE198WFP though and all is good.

    When you turn on your ps3 hold your finger over the power button untill it beeps twice to resest the display settings to default,

    If that doesnt work make sure your cable isn't dodgey or anything, try it on another monitor if possible,

    And if none of them work your monitor is probably not HDCP compliant, meaning you will either have to buy this gay adaptor thing which i found out cost the same price as my monitor i bought because i had the HDCP problem with my old one!

    goodluck, hopefully you don't have to get a new one, if you do and don't want to spend too much i reccomend a Dell SE198WFP, 19 inch wide, good quality and only $250 AUD.

    hope i helped
  3. abdmoh08

    abdmoh08 TS Rookie

    hi can use a hdmi plug to dvi-d socket for this 2 work on my dell SE198WFP
  4. LNCPapa

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    You say you changed the settings on the PS3 - to what exactly? 720p should be the setting you use for that monitor because it can't do 1920. You need to be able to do 1920x1200 or more on a PC monitor to be able to use 1080i/p.
  5. abdmoh08

    abdmoh08 TS Rookie

    hi sorry i meant was that can i use a hdmi plug to dvi-d socket adaptor or do i have to use a hdmi to dvi-d cable. thanks
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