Anyone ran a cs 1.6 server before?

By nosebleedXD
Feb 10, 2009
  1. so basically i have a pentium d 2.66ghz running a cs 1.6 server

    i used to run a server on a pentium 3 and it was able to hit 1000fps

    now, my new pentium d, which i thought could be better and more stable is stuck at 512fps

    do not post why would a server have a fps lol, if you play cs you would know what i mean

    also i am running on windows 2003

    i also run windows media player in the background to increase fps

    just wondering if there is any changes or something i need to know about

    SPECS :
    1gb ram
    160gb hd
    pentium d 2.66ghz
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