Anyone use for email? any issues

By resu
Mar 27, 2008
  1. hi,

    got into work this morning and found that email isnt getting delivered to us
    this has been going on since the beginning of the week and still no results

    ive only been working at my new job for 6 months so have no clue how their email is set up

    eventually i found some details on some scraps of paper and it turns out our email addresses are through freeserve who are now orange... anyway these then go through fasthosts who change the addresses to nice bussinessy ones lol

    we can still send emails but cant receive them if our bussinessy addresses are used but we can receive them if the freeserve addresses are used....

    i rang fasthosts who say that they're having an issue with their virus scanner and that emails havent been getting through for a number of days now ..

    so i was just wondering if anyone else is using and if their incomming mail has been stopped?


    i know itss an odd question but i just thought id ask
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