1. I don't know why but AOL died because it just stopped evolving. I still use AOL, and my screen name is still my main one, but I don't understand why they don't improve or do anything to make there software better. AOL 9.6(i think that's what there up to) has one of the worst browsers that sometimes won't even load a page. The look and style is still in the 90s. The worst part is they could improve AOL and bring it back to live easily but instead do nothing.

    • They need a entire graphical overhaul of AOL, top to bottom.
    • They need to connect AOL to the internet more, meaning, have direct login in and all to major sites like yahoo, or Facebook.
    • Removal of that slow clunky welcome page and incorporate something else to show news, etc
    • They need a faster browser, AOL's is stages behind IE6

    I recently updated aim to it's latest version and this jump at me so I decided I'd post about it and see if im alone.

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