Can't get into BIOS. Tried "Delete" after AORUS startup Logo screen. I believe the motherboard or CPU not working correctly any longer. Would like to talk to somebody in Tech Support. Purchased motherboard and components from newegg on March 30, 2020.


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The best time to catch the BIOS screen is from a cold boot (computer off), which I see you are doing. I start pressing the DEL key before any screen is visible. There is another way: When you are in Windows just hold down the SHIFT key while clicking 'restart' that will get you into the troubleshooting menu where you can choose UEFI BIOS.

A friend of mine on the Gigabyte forums (ColonelHop) also posted on the same thread (RE: A different person having trouble getting into the BIOS) and he said:

"Yes, select a different option. When in windows, holding down the shift key as you select startup, you should select what kshipper stated:
In Troubleshoot, select "UEFI Firmware Settings.” This will allow you to enter BIOS on your Windows 10 PC from Windows.

Using the keyboard to get to BIOS:
- Sometimes the keyboard polling switch needs to change - if you have one - for the BIOS to recognize the delete key.

- BTW, you have to click the delete key off and on as fast as you can until the Vision D screen goes away. The keyboard isn't activated right away when the logo appears. If you have RGB on your keyboard you will notice it doesn't light up right away, because it isn't connected electronically to the system yet if it is a USB keyboard.

- Keyboard should be connected to USB 2.0 also to make sure it will work - with some keyboards or systems it makes a difference and with others no difference at all. Just keep smacking the the delete key until the BIOS comes up. If you hold it down permanently, it may not come up.

- In Windows power settings turning off fast startup helps. This is because the setting doesn't permit a full shutdown, but saves some settings to reduce the time you have to reach BIOS. In some cases you can't reach BIOS.

- Additionally, if ultra-fast boot is selected in BIOS, it often makes it impossible to get to BIOS via the keyboard. That should not be confused with BIOS Fast Boot, which generally doesn't affect your startup the same way."

After he said that I added " I had another thought...maybe you built the machine and turned (or had to turn...) UEFI off? Sometimes people do that because they use ancient graphics cards." that would explain why the option is not there using the 'Shift key' method I outlined.

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