Apple acknowledges some 13-inch MacBook Pros are unexpectedly shutting down


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The issue is affecting the entry-level 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt ports, which arrived back in July. The machine has received excellent reviews—we picked it as one of our three top MacBooks in the Best of Laptops feature, praising its overall performance for multitasking and because it’s around the same size and weight as a MacBook Air.

The problem, which has been highlighted by several users in forum posts, sees the MacBooks randomly shutting down even when there’s plenty of battery life left.

If you’re an owner experiencing these problems, Apple’s six-step fix involves:

1. Making sure that the MacBook has less than 90 percent charge. If not, use it until the battery falls below this level.

2. Connect your Mac to its power adaptor

3. Quit all open apps

4. Put the Mac into sleep mode by closing the lid

5. Let the computer charge for at least 8 hours

6. After this time, update to the latest version of macOS Catalina.

Having your MacBook charging for 8 hours isn’t an ideal scenario, though you could just do it overnight, but the fact this is another problematic Apple product will be a black eye for the company. It comes after Apple issued an apology for the ongoing MacBook keyboard issues earlier this year, which led to three class-action lawsuits.

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Squid Surprise

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Wow... that's quite the convoluted fix... and it takes 8 hours?!?!?! I'd like tot know WHY you have to start charging it when it's under 90%... and why does it need 8 hours to charge before installing the new OS?

And what do you do if you already updated to the newest OS before? Without doing the first 5 steps....