Apple discontinues iPod nano and shuffle, increases storage on iPod touch

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The iPod nano and iPod shuffle now meet the same fate as the iPod classic. Both legacy iPod models have been removed from Apple's website as of today. A spokesperson from Apple has confirmed that both the nano and shuffle will no longer be available for purchase.

In wake of the removal of older devices, the iPod touch has received a bump in storage capacities and updated pricing. The base model now has 32GB of storage with a retail price of $199. The larger capacity 128GB edition will cost you an extra $100 commanding a retail price of $299. The 16GB and 64GB iPod touch models are no longer available. Both capacity options are available in the same five standard colors and the red special edition. Standard colors include space gray, gold, silver, pink, and blue.

The removal of Apple's older product lines is not a surprise considering the lack of updates provided over the past several years. The iPod nano has not seen any changes since 2012 aside from new colors being introduced in 2015. The iPod shuffle has not undergone a redesign since 2010.

Major improvements to iPhones and smartphones in general have largely eliminated the need to have a second dedicated media player. Sales figures for iPods have not been reported since 2015, but it is safe to say that sales are far down from what they were before the original iPhone was launched.

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Just for MP3 music? Damn man, you can't listen to that many songs in a lifetime. To me that's an excessive amount of storage.
Ok, so a) the fact that all of the music I have that I have bought, and listened to at least once in my life already, can only just fit on my customized 220GB iPod Classic (FYI 93 days of music); b) most is high VBR and not even lossless (FLAC is at best guess gives a piffling 5000 x 4 min songs for 128GB); c) I seem to recall that even from the 5th gen Classic the iPods supported video (those files are usually somewhat bigger!) and that the Touch is far more readily geared up to play videos than the Classic ever was; d) the Touch supports Apps too; e) I would like to be able to choose what I listen to in my iPod rather than upload pre-chosen blocks of tracks from iTunes so I'd would need to all be on the iPod; f) the Classic was 160GB and it's demise was lamented; and g) do you not realise that the competition offer substantially bigger storage? 256GB internal with additional SD, or even 2*256GB SD cards is not unusual ((FiiO x5=512GB, Pioneer XDP1000R = 400GB ). I'd say a 1TB option might be considered excessive but even that's not far off as 2 * 512GB SD might actually be supported soon.
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