Apple doubles the maximum allowed size of iOS apps, 16GB of storage suddenly much less appealing

By Shawn Knight
Feb 13, 2015
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  1. Apple has increased the maximum size of apps in the App Store. Developers can now upload binaries (app packages) as large as 4GB through iTunes Connect, up from the 2GB limit that has been in place since the App Store...

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  2. MilwaukeeMike

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    I think I read this line in a 2012 phone review.

    Not for Apple it won't. Why put an extra 16GB in the phone when they can charge you extra for cloud storage? It's not like flash storage hasn't been cheap as h3ll for the last few generations.
    The only reason Apple would start making 32GB standard is if they need a 'new' feature for a future model for people to get excited about.
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  3. 9Nails

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    I have to agree with you there. It's easy to argue that they could have put in an extra 16 GB because it's so cheap to do at a manufacturing level. And Apple could have included a SD Micro card slot in all of their iPhone products if at any time they were concerned with storage. They have not. The reasons are rather simple: limitations triggers sales. It generates business for Apple each time a product reaches some End of Life measure. Run out of space? Just buy the next larger model, it's a simple way to think in terms of sales. There may be some ray of hope, it is said that Apple may EoL'ed the iPhone 5c very soon. (Which is only available in the 8 GB size. ) This might be in recognition to poor sales because people don't want a small storage space on the device, despite cloud access.
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