Apple, Google reportedly in talks to settle patent disputes


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Google's Larry Page and Apple's Tim Cook have been conducting behind-the-scenes talks to resolve some of their intellectual-property differences, according to a report from Reuters. The two chief executives had a telephone conversation last week to discuss key topics such...

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I don't see the Friday decision as "decisive" as reported here. The findings from the proceedings will allow for a "decisive" appeal by Samsung. The person from the patent office who gave the gesture "prior art" a patent should be defending his/her ability to issue patents. IMHO.


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If a 1 billion judgement isn't decisive, I don't know what is. That said, you're right, they have quite an appeal ahead of them.


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A judgment is not the same as a collection. Apple may have a judgment in thier favor but untill Samsung has exhasted all of its legal recoureses all Apple has is a "fake" win. Im just wondering if Google and Apple start working together what the state of the cellphone market is going to look like. And who called whom? Was it Apple throwing in the towel to Google. Or was it Google calling Apple so they dont get sued for 1 Billion+?


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Verdict in samsung and Apple lawsuit will push the samsung 2 be more innovative and inventive in terms of mobile technology ..and might be some yrs down the line dey wil emerge with sumthing what apple has never thought of....:)


Funny how judge in London & Tokyo threw out the apple claim.............................................suppose US protectisum for company that gets everything build in china.
No way was samsung going to win.


I love the sentiment. When China and Japans whole mantra in the past was copy and improve that is totally cool and good for the whole world. But when an American company did it, it is stealing. Even though it was practically given away to them to do what they wanted with it. Yes I am talking about Xerox and Apple. Many people claim that Xerox has been a victim of Apples thievery. When in fact there is a documentary on many Apple developers getting invited to a presentation of the gui computing desktop environment and encouraged to improve it and use it to bring it to home computing environment since Xerox failed. Now last time I checked being a supplier of a company is no invitation to steel their technology and start competing. Many times in the past this was used as an excuse for samsung that hey Apple stole from Xerox so they deserve it coming from Samsung. It is karma. What karma Apple never stole from Xerox. Xerox gave it away. Samsung has it coming. Hope they spend most of their money defending and then get auctioned of when it is time to pay up. Hope they are the ones driven into bankruptcy this time the copier not the one who is being copied like in the past with the pc industry where they copied Apple and Apple being undercut almost went out of business. This time they defended and rightfully so. Way to go Apple for using tough love. A better survival tool then trusting untrustworthy **** companies like Samsung who just take advantage of trusting natured companies. This is why Apple also keeps close raps on anything in development nowadays for it is constantly being copied.


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Only a matter of time before Alexander Graham Bells great great grandchildren sue the pants of every communications company in the world..

Apple suck.