Apple invites third-party developers to its headquarters to help finish up Apple Watch apps

Himanshu Arora

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Apple has invited several third-party developers to its headquarters in Cupertino, California to help them finish and test their Apple Watch apps, according to a 9to5mac report. The company has plans to hold workshops for more than 100 different developers...

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Jad Chaar

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I want to pick one up but the price is just too steep IMO. Why pay $350 for a watch you need to replace within 3 years... $200 is the most I would pay and that is pushing it. The current functionality just doesn't justify the price. If they have glucose readings and other cool biometric monitors then it may be worth the price, but the report out yesterday (stated that the watch was shipping without a lot of the purported/hoped for health features) it makes the match seem a lot less attractive.