Apple relaxes App Store restrictions


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Ever since the iPhone App Store first opened its doors in 2008 there has been an ongoing debate about Apple's seemingly random approval process. Its refusal to allow Flash content to run on its platform has also been a contentious topic, which escalated to a whole new level earlier this year when the company decided to ban developers from using cross-platform compilers and instead forced them to use Apple's Objective-C-based tools -- a move that was largely interpreted as a shot directly across Adobe's bow, but it also affected developers using other middleware tools such as Unity.

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It shouldn't have even come to this in the first place!

I wonder what the exact reasons for this change really are though...


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It shouldn't have even come to this in the first place!
totally agree. They sort of shot themselves in the foot for trying to be too controlling. If only they would have listened 6 months ago...

With Win7 Phone on the horizon, they are probably predicting even more market share loss. Especially since most devs are already familiar with Visual Studios, C#, Silverlight and XNA... how many devs know how to use Objective-C without a reference manual?


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In Apple's words, "this should give developers the flexibility they want, while preserving the security (read: power overwhelming) we need."

I don't appreciate a company who enjoys playing God this much.


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"Think Different... while we approve your app for our store"

I don't remember where I saw that but man its good.