Apple, Samsung to attend mediation in a bid to resolve patent war

By Leeky
Apr 18, 2012
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  1. It appears there could be a potential settlement in the wings after representatives from Apple and Samsung were ordered (PDF) by Judge Lucy Koh of the San Jose District Court...

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  2. While it might eb a good strategy according to some strategist with no hands on approach in the industry or company with their clients, this strategy can only hurt both companies in the long run.​
    I find it akin to two racing drivers fighting for a position which only slows them both down and the driver'(s) behind can capatilise on this while the leaders are jockeying for position or for apple and samsung the best law suit so to speak.​
    I understand samsung were in a defensive mode and that speaks volumes on how worried apple are that they have competition so really the ball is in apples court to start innovatin and stop legislating?​
    It also serves no good regard for consumers to either company that engages in this whilst the same consumer (be it a plebian or otherwise buying a device) they would lack confidence in a company who is stuck in court in 20 odd countrys imho​

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