Archos announces 7-inch Android tablet for $100

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Jun 22, 2011
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  1. Archos has released the Arnova 7: a 7-inch resistive touchscreen tablet (800 x 480 resolution) running Android 2.2 (codenamed Froyo). It costs a mere $100, but given that you won't…

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  2. gwailo247

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    Would it be possible to install another version of Android on this, or mess around with it in other ways? I'd be willing to drop a hundred to play around with it.
  3. First off I would have to caution the writer of the article to do a little more research before he starts shooting off at the mouth. Yes the device, will not have official Android Market big deal, no tablet that runs 2.2 or below can have official market access because it doesn't have cell reception. That being said, my Archos 43 has Android market access via Google, Amazon, and AppsLib (Archos apps market). Also if you are looking for a media playback device you can't go wrong with Archos. They have been doing longer than even Apple, and consistently for less money, with superior specs. For me this is the perfect device for the kids, $100 they can play plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, etc. and not screw around with mine. When we go on road trips it works great to load up with movies, that they can watch in the car. The only thing that is really lacking in this department is the HDMI output. Otherwise it sounds perfect for a secondary/Kids tablet.

    Also as far as battery life goes you can expect somewhere around:

    Music playback time: up to 36 hours
    Video playback time: up to 7 hours
    Web surfing: up to 10 hours

    Thats from the Archos web site for their Archos 70. The Arnova 7 is based off the this system, with some of the higher end things removed, like Wifi N, cameras, and bluetooth.
  4. aj_the_kidd

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    "The search giant has no way to enforce what version its partners choose to release their devices with. This results in a poor experience for users, and as a result their opinion of Android is not very good."
    Yeah i tend to think that as well, which i why people flock to Apple, its a shame really

    As for this tab, i probably wouldn't even get it just to put on a custom ROM on it. But to be positive, for $100 you get a pretty decent media player, i would assume, that in its self is worth the price
  5. princeton

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    First of all, it's not running the tablet version of Google's mobile OS, Android 3.0 or Android 3.1 (codenamed Honeycomb).

    Maybe because the only chipset honeycomb supports is tegra 2. I'm just going to go out on a limb but maybe that's why cheaper tablets are going with froyo/gingerbread?
  6. aj_the_kidd

    aj_the_kidd TS Rookie Posts: 555

    Didn't know about the tegra 2 restriction, either way for the less tech savvy folk with little cash to spend who really want a table its not a bad option, but also not the best
  7. princeton

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    It'll support qualcomm cpus in its final release 3.2.

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