ARM, TSMC joint agreement to push chips into server market against Intel


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ARM Holdings moved a step closer towards increasing competition with leading chipmaker, Intel, after announcing a multi-year agreement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) to produce low-power chips for mobile devices and servers.

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aw man, I want some more competiton in the x86 consumer desktop market. not servers...
You'll be waiting a damn long time. AMD's cross licence agreement with Intel means that AMD continues in it's present guise- change of ownership means loss of licence. The only other licencee is VIA. AFAIK, that leaves only x86 emulation/hardware virtualization by RISC processors...which is someway off as a comprehensive competitor.


I assumed they intend to compete in the LINUX server market, unless MS will port to there architecture.
Well, considering windows has less than half of the server market share...


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Competition is good for business.
Well... good for innovation, anyway, and consumers. It disrupts businesses, tears apart the most careful marketing plans and lays waste any current de facto or legislated monopolies. Most businesses would prefer no competition at all.