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Artifacts with 3D games and file corruption problem

By XMorphia
Aug 19, 2008
  1. Well it all started when I was gaming a few weeks ago, suddenly while playing the game dark messiah (probably too much for my system) i encountered artifacts that would cover the whole game screen and make all of the items unrecognisable (different colors, patterns, and such and would periotically change and then freeze up my computer to the point i would have to shut it down or ctrl alt delete the program)

    Then a week or so later, any large files I tried to download would get corrupted when it was close to being finished. At first I thought it was a HDD problem but i ran countles programs to test if my HDD was healthy or not, and all of them said that it was healthy (0 bad sectors). I even tried to replace the my SATA cord that connects my HDD with my mobo, it didnt work, ive even tried swiching slots that it plugs into my mobo.

    Just recently i had a hunch and i ran a test with memtest 86 and it seems like i had bad ram. (i mean rediculously bad ram) once i started the test, within 40 minutes, memtest86 detected over 1000 errors and i heard that 1-5 errors was ok but if you had 15-20 it was bad ram...

    I'm worried about my system, could this bad ram have also corrupted some things with my graphics card such as maybe my graphics card ram? (my graphics card is a xfx8400 and i had the latest drivers from nvidia, and it had 512mb ram, 256 on board) And could it also have corrupted my motherboard but not only my HDD?

    This computer is relatively new and reformatting it is no problem to me since I do not have any important information on it... so if I returned the ram for some new ram, installd it, reformatted my computer, would all my problems be solved??? Or would there be another problem with something else such as my GPU?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,309   +582

    If the RAM is the problem, there would be no need to reformat after replacing the RAM. And besides, if other components were bad, reformatting wouldn't fix them except for your hard drive and even then maybe not depending on what was wrong with it.

    Bottom line, replace your RAM and see if you have any other problems. If not, you're done.
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