asrock future port for socket 939

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Jul 12, 2006
  1. how much would it cost to go from an amd athlon 64 3000+ cpu to an amd athlon 64 x2 4600+ manchester 2000mhz ht2 x512kb l2 cache socket 939 dual core?. my motherboard is asrock k8 upgrade vm800 socket 754, + i want to upgrade to the asus a8n sli premium socket 939 nvidia nforce4 sli atx amd motherboard. also the asrock mobo i have has a future port for a socket 939 board, what is this for? is it for an asrock socket 939 mobo?(would it have sli?) if so would this be better option than the asus board? any help is always appreciated...thank you in advance
  2. Rick

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    I don't know what this "port" is you speak of, but your board appears to be a Socket 754 only.

    The 'nice' CPUs will only work with the 939 (which is actually on the way out) or an AM2 board.

    Since you'll need to upgrade you're whole platform, you'll need to find a board that you like (which you already have, I believe). You should consider what you'll need to get a system based on that board up and running.

    For example, do you need a new power supply? You may if you plan on running SLi or if your existing PSU is barely cutting it as it is. Perhaps you'll need new memory because your existing memory won't work properly with the new board.. etc? Who knows, but the only forseeable costs to me would be a CPU & board and possibly a PSU...

    I have an Asus SLI Premium. SLI does indeed work.
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    I think he has one of those boards that has a socket 754 and for later upgrade a socket 939.
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    would i better with the asus a8n sli or an am2 board. if the am2 could you reccomend one?
  5. nickslick74

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