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ASRock MB will no longer recognize video card or install correct drivers

By 2tech
Jul 25, 2011
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  1. I have an ASRock 890gx AM3 MB. I recently purchased a Visiontek Radeon HD5670 video card. I popped the card in and hooked up my vga cable. I booted up to my OS (win7 x64) and installed the drivers for my card. This Was all after I had previously uninstalled on board graphics and changed settings in bios to use PCI express as my video output.

    Okay, so after a reboot things are going smooth. So, I unplug my vga cable, and plug in my DVI cable and get no video. So I unplug the DVI and plug back in the VGA cable... and I then have NO video... So I reboot my computer with no luck. Then, I plug my vga back into my on board slot and take a look in my device manager and it isn't showing my video card, only on board graphics and on top of that every time I run the ATI software to install drivers for my card, it will only install drivers for my on board graphics and doesn't install them for my PCI Express card.

    I'm sure the card and slot are fine as I have run them successfully once before. I don't know what to do but I really don't want to have to go through the hassle of sending my card back. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
  2. 2tech

    2tech TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Could the fact that it isn't recognized by my PC be do to a lack of power from my psu? I have a raidmax 530w psu and min for the card is 400 so I figured I was okay... There is no place on the card to hook a cable from the psu to. It gets all its power straight from the MB... I dunno if that info will help any
  3. grinny

    grinny TS Rookie Posts: 17

    I had the same problem recently with my AsRock mobo. After many days of troubleshooting I found that if I shut power off to the system via back of case for a few seconds before starting system, my video card would actually show a screen at boot up on my pcie slot. Sound like your having the exact issue I had with the same manufacturer of board. Here is the link to the thread.

    I would certainly hook up your pcie card and try the power switch problem. I am using mine this way since. Until I can get newer board.

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