ASRock P4i65G problem...

By Kveldulv
Apr 15, 2008
  1. Hi all,

    I have a problem with ASRock P4i65G Mainboard. I assemble a pc and the monitor won't turn on but the computer powers up. I've tried all hardware that I installed on my mainboard (MSI Intel 848P Neo-V) and everything worked well. Can anyone give me any suggestions? Or the ASRock P4i65G Mainboard might be faulty?

    P.S. The ASRock P4i65G is a brand new mainboard.

    Tested Hardware (on MSI Intel 848P Neo-V Mainboard)
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz Prescott (Socket 478)
    CPU Cooler: EverCool NW11F-825CA
    Memory: 1 GB Corsair DDR400 3200
    PSU: 400 Watts PSU
    VGA: ATi Radeon 9200 All-In-Wonder 256MB AGP
    Hard Drives: Western Digital 160GB IDE / Western Digital 250GB SATA
    Optical Drives: Pioneer DVR-111D IDE / Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7191A 20x DVD±RW Lightscribe IDE[/I][/I]
  2. taycrowe

    taycrowe TS Rookie

    i also have an AsRock mobo, with similar issue.

    i have TWO "AsRock 4CoreDual-SATA2" Socket 775 PCs, and BOTH of them won't see my older monitors.(i tried a Dell E550 and several others to no avail.)
    I hooked up a newer monitor(Mitsubishi Diamond Scan 17HX) and it came right on. There must be a driver that can be installed to be able to use older monitors, because i 'm going back and forth between the two PCs with the same monitor right now.
    Oh, i'm also using an Radeon 9200 PRO video card (AGP), and it looks like you're using a Radeon 9200 AGP card, too...hmmm.
    If anyone knows of a good display driver for what we have, please pass on the info.
    i can't find anything on manufacturer's site.(it's probably there, but i don't see it)....

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