Asus A7N8X-deluxe WILL NOT boot....

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Jan 29, 2004
  1. Whiplash73

    Whiplash73 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just picked up another ethernet card (Hawking something...10M/100M), and it came with a mini switch. I wasn't sure how to configure the set up of just using another card and a crossover cable.....If this doesn't work, and yer able to help me along with just a crossover cable setup, that would be cool. The damn cables cost more than the hardware! Unbelieveable.....but I did get decent cables.

    I'm setting up my old system to run/store apps like Office, and access the software through the connection. I don't plan on playing any games through them. and both computers have modems, so I won't need to acces the net through the network connection (at least not yet). If none of this works, I'm just going to take it all back, and get drive controller card, and toss another hard drive in. I plan on using the higher end machine for a few games, and video editing.
  2. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Ok, for what you want to do isn't too bad, with a switch and two ethernet cables, or with a crossover. The hard part is setting up the network settings on your sytem. Can be frustrating when just one setting can keep the systems from seeing one another... Here is how I would proceed:
    1) Plug in the cables to the switch, or just use a cross over to go from one directly to the other. You should see an LED light up telling you they see one another. No light means something isn't right.
    2) Now you have to do this on both systems. Right-click Network Neighborhood (or My Network Places), and click Properties
    3) Double-click TCP/IP -> Network Adapter
    4) IPAddress -> Specify address as shown below
    IP Address 192.168.0.x where x=1-250 and is not the same as the other system
    Subnet mask:
    Click Ok
    5) Click File and Print Sharing, and click to select giving access of files
    6) From the Identification tab enter:
    Computer name: Call it something descriptive like, FileShare, or Office
    Workgroup: Workgroup
    7) Click Ok and reboot
    8) Last step, you must share a folder to be seen on the network. Open My Computer, Open the C:, Create a new folder and call it temp or share. Right-click on this folder and select Sharing. Click to Share this folder. Do the same on the other system

    Once both systems are set up like this, you should be able to access Network Neighborhood (My Network Places) and see both systems listed for access... Let me know if you need further explanation of any particular step.

  3. Whiplash73

    Whiplash73 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I tried all that, and nothing worked. Is there anything in the other configuration tabs that needs to be done? i.e. bindings, DNS, etc? I may just get a hard disk controller, and toss the 10gb hard drive i have in the new rig. This is turning out to be a pain in the A$$. thank you for the help though. For what I spent on hardware and cables, I could have bought another hard drive. LOL. I'll hold off on taking this stuff back, and play with it a little more.

    I made computer, and the other the same but with 002. Do I need the VPN stuff installed also?

  4. Bug

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    Sorry to hear it isn't working. Unfortunately, this is the hard part and it is usually just one setting... Do you get the lights on the Ethernet cards? Try to ping the computers...
    1) Run command
    2) type ping (from the computer that has IPADDRESS .002)

    Should come out to this


    What we don't want is:


    If this doesn't work, I'll give you my Email and we can set up a time to call. Easier to set up over a conversation...
    Good luck

  5. Didou

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    It would be simpler to start a new thread in the Storage & networking area stating clearly what it is you're trying to do & what problems you're running into, that way anyone having similar problems can benefit from your experiences.

    Edit : stupid typos...*mumble mumble*
  6. Whiplash73

    Whiplash73 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I found some guides online that should help. I also found an issue with windows 98. I didn't think to put it in a new thread. Had a lot on my mind lately; I get pulled 12 ways from sunday.
  7. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    If you do post a new thread, please post the link here so that I will know where to find it. Sorry, I didn't think about it either. Was more worried about helping, but there will probably be some gurus there that have more experience.

  8. Whiplash73

    Whiplash73 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Bug. I got some different stuff today, just an ehternet card, and a crossover, and the two guides I found on the net. gonna give that a whirl. If all goes well, I'll just close out the thread. =)

    thanks bro. Been a lotta help.
  9. Whiplash73

    Whiplash73 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    got everything running smooooth. =)
    Just have to get the IDE hard drive Serial ATA, and for some reason, things just don't want to coincice. See other post.....
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